Synchronicity Circles


Synchronicity Circles is a free community group where we cultivate our awareness of intuition for the healing of self, other, and planet.


We think about someone moments before they call. We ask the universe for a sign about our path, and just the right person shows up at the grocery store later that day. We are looking to make a big decision, to have our neighbor show up that afternoon with a shirt bearing the very word we need to see.

Do examples like these describe your experience?

The Synchronicity Circle is a safe, non-judgmental space to explore these experiences. What do they mean? How do we interpret or understand them? How they deepen our communion with the truth of the universe?

Bring your stories, examples, and questions of such. We will take turns sharing and asking questions of one another’s experiences. We may also just witness that hidden hand moving through the group, itself.

Toning and chant are also used extensively in this group. We may use the vibrational languages of Aramaic, Sanskrit, and even Irish (Celtic) at times. Sound is used as a contemplative aid, and to generate devotion to the truth.

Time: Every other Friday night from 7pm – 9pm. (Contact Nicholas for information about the next one)

Location: The Center for Art & Spirit at St. George, 1 School Road, Asheville, NC 28806, in the Sanctuary (located in the Malvern Hills neighborhood, just off Patton Avenue in West Asheville). Come in the Red Doors.

*This event operates on a donation basis, and  all monies collected are donated to the center.*

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