Nicholas The Bard playing the dumbekMusic


Instruments and Areas of Specialty:

  1. Djembe/Hand Drums, Percussion – African Polyrhythmic Drumming (Malinke, Ewe), Jazz/Funk/Reggae
  2. Dijeridoo
  3. Contemplative Native American Flute
  4. Sufi and Devotional Poetry


  1. Nicholas The Bard playing with Macushla and friendsSacred Occasions, such as: church services, kirtans, labyrinth walks, contemplative retreats, meditations/sound healings;
  2. Schools
  3. House Concerts
  4. Weddings, Dances, College Events, and Other Celebratory Occasions

My next gig will be playing Celtic Kirtan with Macushla and friends at the Edinburgh Fringe Fest in Scotland (August 2015)!


Nicholas The Bard playing the dijeridooI am available for private lessons on drums, dijeridoo, and poetry tutoring. I also teach programs for children such as after school clubs, multicultural music classes, music and movement activities, storytelling, and school performances (particularly of an indigenous or ethnic music bent).

Lastly, I offer life coaching. Contact me for more information on this.


I perform poetry regularly around town. Much of it can be found on the Poetry page. I also write personalized poems to honor individuals or special occasions.

To inquire about hiring Nicholas for a music, poetry, an educational event, private lessons, or coaching, contact Nicholas.


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