Falleth The Snow

by Nicholas The Bard Andrea

Falleth the snow,
a crystalline blessing from the frosty sky,
powdering the trees and rooftops,
that sparkle in the early light;

now swirls the North Wind
amongst the falling flakes,
who perform his invisible dance
as the morning doth awake;

fast, slow,
in little tornadoes, do they blow,
in sheets and waves from above,
down, down, the pearly snow;

now, laying in a blanket,
untrodden by human tracks,
politely do they lay together
in fluffy little stacks;

a sleeping, weeping willow tree
sways slightly in the breeze,
reaching down its spidery fingers
as if to touch the glistening freeze;

spruce pine and douglas fir
stand with their evergreen,
that is painted by the falling white
here in this winter scene;

falleth still the snow!
abundance from the sky!
that says, “put on your mittens,
and let’s build a snowman high!”

down, down, down
so lovely it falls,
come quick, now, to the sledding hill
it beckons us and calls!

tumble down the slope
if we fall off the sled
though, there’s no need to worry
because the snow is like a bed;

and after we have frozen
our fingertips and nose in
this winter wonderland
the kingdom that’s so grand

a house and hearth do glow
with orange, red and gold
as winter’s icy night
is deepening its cold

there, mother calls us in
for a delicious treat:
cinnamon hot chocolate
and fresh-baked scones to eat!

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by Nicholas “The Bard” Andrea

How do these moments dawn in a temporal world,
for, when the sun sets everything

and, I disappear,
stolen even if just for a moment
in which all drama and striving melts into an eternal drop;

yes, and in that moment those trees’ silhouettes
begin speaking to me, and
looking at me as if with a thousand eyes;

Yes, and even the most mundane things –
which the I normally passes by without a second thought –
take on the most profound meaning.

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Hills in the Late Afternoon

by Nicholas “The Bard” Andrea

The hills receive the sun like children receive the love of their father
This planet and it’s heavenly benefactor and all her sisters and brothers –
One big system, one big being;

What is terrestrial? What is cosmic?
Until now I’ve not seen the life that permeates everything,
Even the hills and the air and everything between here and there;
It’s alive – this planet, this cosmos –
It’s alive in a very human way
Nothing without meaning, nothing, no;

And this cosmic event of earth has a story, a very human-like story of evolution,
Even the hills cry for it, ask for it, and the trees who are now painted with the gold of the setting sun upon a canvas of autumn,
They, too, innocently cry like humans to evolve, to grow, to be ever more

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Evening, October 11th

Tonight, with the waning sun and chill air
You beckon me to a place beyond myself
Where your beauty becomes impossible to describe
Words –

Memories from inspirations long ago come flooding back in
As if ten years have meant nothing,
As if one mind within this very self
were stretched forwards and backwards to eternity;

The brake lights of a car at dusk,
Their perfect red luminescence framed by golden light on the horizon –
It’s funny how the simplest things are enough;

And when all the world comes alive like this –
I mean, really alive –
Even hubcaps speak to me,
vibrating back what we are;

And, the base of my spine tingles.

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My Only Desire Is To Do His Will

by Nicholas “The Bard” Andrea

My only desire is to do His will;

that Cosmic Entity is the source of all my joy and connection

to you, to everyone, to everything;

with only my best interest in His mind
I surrender every last desire at His feet
knowing they will be fulfilled in the way that leads most to my deepest satisfaction

for, universal love is the birthright and destiny of us all;

in thanksgiving do I give Him my trust
for He knows only how to care for His children
only how to give,
only how to radiate an abundance so grand it defies
the linear mind;

good morning, Father, and thank you for this day;


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Let Your Mind Die

by Nicholas “The Bard” Andrea

Let your mind die into this
let your concerns stay in the belly where they can digest into bliss –
there’s no need to regurgitate old wounds
just hear me, this:

even when your instigator comes and does what she does best
stay present in a lack of knowledge of good and bad
keep your mind open to an unexpectedly benevolent guest;

let your mind die into this
let the wind come and you, kiss
and that thing which is closer to you than any in the heavens
which loveth even through the tormentor, the unexpected blessins’

who art one’s closest ally
one’s very best friend
here from the beginning
here till the end

that one, may just appear
may just, good tidings portend

like eating one’s greens – bitter maybe, yes –
but life-affirming in the end;

so, sit, and know not a thing, my friend
and before that one say, “Amen! Amen!”
and speak your truth until all becomes silence, again.

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by Nicholas “The Bard” Andrea

In this body
looking back at me in that mirror
writing these words –


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Crack Me Open

by Nicholas “The Bard” Andrea


Crack me open like an eggshell
let the yolk of my heart ooze out
I don’t mind, for that’s where my life is

and, may the music never cease to come from me;


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Guardian Angel

by Nicholas “The Bard” Andrea

I am with you

in every step you take
in every breath you take

feel, now, the wind kissing your skin –
that’s me

look at those plants and trees and clouds –
I’m in them, looking back at you;

I’ve been with you since the beginning
and, I’ll be with you until the end;

there is nothing you could ever do, say, or think
that could make me go away
for your wholeness is, already;

I am your consciousness
I am that which commands your human body
and, the body, the ego, the shell
is what you call your self

when you pray, it is me praying
through you, as you, to me;

everyday when you awaken
remember that you already have everything you need
and live for this moment – it could be your last –

there is nothing to hold onto in this life
and everything to experience;

pursue not the things of the future,
excepting that ye enjoy the journey to them, itself

and, do not fear for the details of your life –
the job, the partner, the money –
I will come as these in the right time, in the right form
and, you will recognize me in them,
because there will be no “you”;

and, do not fear death, nor change –
there is tremendously good news on the other side of both;

walk in peace, and smile as often as you can –
your abundance is a sure guarantee;

with love,
Your Guardian Angel.

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Be My Guest

by Nicholas “The Bard” Andrea

I’m having a hard time trusting my passion
this time –
it’s led me astray so many times before;

but, I will walk forward, anyway, tonight
for life is an inside job that’s been waiting for me to get it right;

and now, music, love, and merriment will prevail upon us
like a couple of hobbits dancing on the emerald green earth
celebrating what is inexpressible –
just you, me, Earth;

there is love, here
I don’t know how it emerges or what it looks like fully grown
but, there is love, here

and so, I let you in
I let you in, now

something new can grow, now
miracles, I’ve once resisted
I let you in;

something magnificent is flowering my chest where only briars once grew
I don’t know what it is
but, maybe that doesn’t matter

maybe only THAT it is, is enough to gain my “yes”
and “yes,” I do say;

I invite you:
enter this garden and be my guest
sit in the high place and enjoy the beauty of this work I’ve done;

that I may learn the fruits of devotion, come, be my guest
I say “yes”
sit in the high place
and enjoy my best
Come, be my guest.

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