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TextWrangler Helpful Hints

by Nick Andrea I’d like to talk about a few helpful hints I’ve found using TextWrangler, the free version of BBEdit for Mac. Cmd + J takes you to any line you enter. Very helpful when using Firebug to edit … Continue reading

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The Interesting New World of CSS3

CSS3 is fun. Make no bones about it. I’ve giggled, laughed, and exclaimed, “Oh wow!,” as I play with new properties and selectors. It’s like being child who just received a new Lego set. Truly, that’s what CSS3 is for … Continue reading

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CSS: Floats

by Nick Andrea of In terms of webpage layout using CSS, floats are the best thing since sliced bread. They enable you to position elements without using the archaic table-based boxy layouts of old. (Yuck! That’s so last century, … Continue reading

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A web-safe font is a font that comes standard across platforms. These include fonts like Times New Roman and Georgia in the serif family, and Arial, Calibri, and Verdana in the sans-serif family. They are considered web-safe because the majority … Continue reading

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A wireframe is a paper-and-pencil layout of what you want your site to be. It is an “information design” for the page (see for the reference). As web designers we are first and foremost information architects, and our goal … Continue reading

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