Come and Get Me

by Nicholas The Bard Andrea

Thistles in my heart
I know nothing today, for past and future are the enemies of heartbreak
and writing from despair is the only thing that saves me;

Satana I have become – a being divided against itself,
these raging wars within having wreaked havoc on body and mind
ever since one first knew death;

the feeling, “I am separate,” is the substance of hell;

she said, “Don’t forget your desperation tomorrow,
for it will save you”;

but, I don’t want your figurings
I don’t want your techniques of perfection
I prefer to remain broken –
for only when the shell is cracked and the chick hatched
is flight possible;

give me a path of foolishness and surrender
give me a path of childhood, again
I don’t want to be the one in control
for, control is the adversary of destiny

but, make me the one beyond control
wild and unrestrainably in love,
a Sufi with his flute and lyric
under the desert stars and moon;

make me a devotee –
I want to leave everything behind, take up my staff, and follow you;

Oh, but when you come to the other side, bud you may not recognize yourself –

are you ready for that?

If it means stepping out of this ape (persona) I’ve built and worn for the past 27 years
to protect myself from the realities of the world

if it means no longer perpetuating the inherited patterns of
fearing destiny, avoiding feelings, and knowing everything

if it means growing my hair long and looking like a forest dweller natural and unprimmed-and-propered,
a child of the One behind the garden, never again to return to the tribe of the living dead

then FUCK

come and get me, friend
come and usher me to the land of the wilds
not just for me, but for my fathers, my mothers
my grandfathers, my grandmothers
my children
my children’s children
and all the others ancestors stretching backwards and forwards into eternity

let me conquer the world with that untamed looked in my eyes
let me be the child who won’t follow directions save for the call within is too strong;

let men in business suits fear me
not for what I will do to them, but, for what, in them I remind –
that they may fear the towers they’ve built upon foundations of bullshit and looking good
to crumble and fall –
they will;

make me unknowable as the wind
make me a priest of the Tao without robes
make me a child of the Nature that runs through all, even the most lost of us –
the Dick Cheney’s, the J. Lo’s, and all the others, who think they are SOMETHING
leading the charge of an age where so many have so little in (body, mind, and spirit);

make me a barefoot prophet
make me eat naught but locusts and honey
I give myself to what I cannot understand
I give myself to that which rides tigers;

I know not what you are, but I’ve been told that I have purpose
and it could’ve been a lie, for all I know –

but if it’s not, you’d better come
you’d better birth yourself
you’d better Christen this crown and play me like a flute

’cause my days are running thin
and I am dying a little more every moment waiting for the future

so, come and get me, Friend,
come and get me,
here’s my hand –

teytey malkoothakh
teytey malkoothakh.


About NickAndrea19

My goal has always been and continues to be the liberation of minds, my own and what influence I may have on others, to perceive the extraordinary beauty all around us. To this end, I write, play music, and design websites. Don't hesitate to contact me for more information about any of these activities. :)
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