Green Shoot of Spirit

by Nicholas Andrea

Good morning, friend, I’m
giving back these sacred books, I’ll
no longer be needing them, it’s been
good and I’m grateful, please
keep on your way and do great things, I’ll
see you in the Light at the end of the tunnel where it’s all true;

Good morning, friend, I’ve
got this resignation letter for you, I’m
going to feed the hungry birds of opportunity
that have born of my belly, it’s been
good and I’m grateful, please
keep on your way and do great things, I’ll
see you in the Light at the end of the tunnel where it’s all true;

I’m going, now,
to opportunity, the land of my birth

shutting doors and I’m mourning
the gifts of relationships that have been the
wind beneath my wings these past few years, that have
lifted, nourished, and sustained me, that have
carried me out from the pit of creative poverty and into the promised land of
discovery – to give up the relationships that have fed but no longer nourished, yet honoring the connections that have shown what one is capable of;

to feel is not easy
but it is love, and I
I never spit on the ground that holds me;

friend –
I’m going now to walk into the Sun,
have these sacred books back
and thank you, please
have this resignation letter
and thank you

until the end where we are one;


The morning star rises upon the periwinkle canvas of morning
a new day dawns in this life;

Spring has been on my heart, of late
Spring, yes, though
tomorrow’s forecast foretells a high of 28 and a low of 7 –

no, this Spring is not of the Earth
(though, I always look forward to that)

it is of the soul;

there is a green shoot growing in this body and mind
a green shoot that remains
ever young, ever fresh, ever vibrant
even as I yet age
even as the seasons within pass
that should wither its succulent leaves;

what this shoot is I cannot, for sure, say
only that its branches reach out and touch all the disparate parts of my psyche
connecting them in One Life;

last night I read the words of Alex Grey,
who saw all things as toroidal patterns of energy
endlessly rejuvenating and discharging
in an unbroken network with all else;

Yea, and I thought of one such pattern that I hated

and yet saw the ground we both share
that one and I, nourished in the same soil;

So grow now, shoot, grow
grow to fill me
as me
bear fruit of lyric
and drop them for others to eat and be nourished by –

like those prolific trees of old – Rumi and Hafiz –
who never stopped giving
and still give today;

intertwine my roots, shoot,
in an endless and unbroken system of interdependence
with all other shoots in the universe –

I am ready, green shoot
so become me

I am ready
so become me

and I thank thee;


About NickAndrea19

My goal has always been and continues to be the liberation of minds, my own and what influence I may have on others, to perceive the extraordinary beauty all around us. To this end, I write, play music, and design websites. Don't hesitate to contact me for more information about any of these activities. :)
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