by Nicholas Andrea

Today, I will start out, darkening
for I have seen the greatest of joys
to suffering, portending;

see, cause, to “know” is a sin
for, then the cycle begins
’cause all things “known”
have a beginning and an end;

does that sound bleak, does that
on your heart, leave a streak
does it, on your happiness, havoc wreak?

But, you must see it is the thirst
for some outside meaning, that, like the Buddha said,
leads us to the worst;

God is, indeed, a problem, isn’t he
that something exists outside our own I-feeling
gracing or punishing us,
as far as we can see
to which, holy clergy
ascribe so much human meaning;

but, does that mean
there is no truth
upon which we are standing?

What was Neo’s purpose in “The Matrix”
were the Oracle’s words true for him, or just tricks;

and yet, she spoke to him the greatest prophetics, to end all the conflicts:
You’re just going to have to make up your own damn mind, kid, that’s the fix.

How do we make a choice?
Do we need a reason, like Agent Smith thought,
to find our true voice?

One day I made a choice
to follow a blissful voice
a tingling at the base of this spine (I call mine);

it was unreasonable, that is to say
for no other reason than itself, did it tingle, okay –

and I just picked up the guitar and sang all day;

what else can I say?

I have come to watch children play
those wide-eyed little starseeds, doing as they may
with joy, fascination, and unreasonability –
which doth produce no dismay, if so I may say;

thus, I have started to believe in
what a great man had once spoken
to a group of lost men –
that you must become like one of these
to enter the kingdom of heaven;

that same man touched me, once, eight years ago
with his cosmic finger to my brow
and this is what, for it, I had to show:

a peace that surpassethed understanding,
for weeks without my own efforting, because
I simply said yes to unreasonability, unremitting;

and what he spoke to my sobbing soul that day
was these words: “You’re already okay.
There is nothing more the world needs today
than to do what you love and serve others without delay.”

“Go, my son, your liberation is a sure guarantee
to this, I will surely see;

so, with reckless abandon, drop
all thoughts of ‘I, my, me,’
there is nothing else to enlighten to
than this, what you already are, completely.”

And so,
that’s why, this, I write
to myself remind
of that bliss deeper than reason, I did find.

Come, my friend, come
let’s dance with the stars, tonight
let’s you and me, this fire deep within, a-light
let’s paint this town with a love so bright

for no other reason

than to let our hearts take flight;
let us, unreasonably, let our hearts take flight.


About NickAndrea19

My goal has always been and continues to be the liberation of minds, my own and what influence I may have on others, to perceive the extraordinary beauty all around us. To this end, I write, play music, and design websites. Don't hesitate to contact me for more information about any of these activities. :)
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One Response to Unreasonable

  1. Bill Walz says:

    Fly to The Face
    to plant a kiss
    that says
    and nothing more is needed.

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