UU Monthly Congregation Themes – February: I Wonder

by Nick Andrea

Our monthly theme for February is, “I Wonder – how do we approach the world and our lives from a posture of curiosity and wonder?” The ancient Greek sage Socrates taught that the only life worth living is the examined one, and the Buddhist tradition of mindfulness does just that. Yet, because we often encounter heavy or troublesome things in the process, this practice advises us to look with curiosity.

Curiosity engenders innocence. Indeed, it is only in adopting a posture of curiosity that we become free from conditioned ways of seeing the world. And, in such humility we gain objectivity. We start to see things as they are, not as we’ve been conditioned to see them.

In February the youth are preparing and performing their Youth Sunday service. They have titled it, “The Building Blocks of Satisfaction.” To endeavor into such a topic that looks into the basic conundrum of human existence requires a great deal of wondering. What is satisfaction? Is it even possible in a world of suffering? And if so, how?

This has been our process ever since we began to plan this service and so I invite you on February 16 to be fully present with us, to open your mind, and receive this gift with wonder. Thank you.


About NickAndrea19

My goal has always been and continues to be the liberation of minds, my own and what influence I may have on others, to perceive the extraordinary beauty all around us. To this end, I write, play music, and design websites. Don't hesitate to contact me for more information about any of these activities. :)
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