Jesus’ Inspiration

by Nick Andrea

Jesus of Nazareth was a great man and what was embodied in his visage, the force that moved through him, was a thing so wonderful that it’s impossible to capture with words or thoughts. But, it is possible to experience. That is just what happened to me one day seven and a half years ago, and has continued to happen ever since.

Returning and returning to that place where everything is okay beyond my wildest dreams, beyond anything my conditioning can conceive of… When “I” surrender, like an old lion who’s come to the end of his days and lays down one last time, this mind gives in to a reality greater than itself. And, there is nothing left…but love. 

Om mani padme hum – the source of wisdom is in the heart. It’s where we come from, and where we go. Hallelujah.


About NickAndrea19

My goal has always been and continues to be the liberation of minds, my own and what influence I may have on others, to perceive the extraordinary beauty all around us. To this end, I write, play music, and design websites. Don't hesitate to contact me for more information about any of these activities. :)
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