Radical Relating

by Nick Andrea

Radical relating means putting God, or the Formless, first before all things in our lives. It means not allowing attachments to the world of form to cloud our seeing of the truth in relationships.

In my brief tenure on the planet Earth I have discovered that there is something much larger happening at every moment, than my ability to perceive with my lower five senses or my intellect. I have seen the benevolent imprint of its invisible hand on my life thousands of times through precognition, intuition, and synchronicity, as if there’s a Spirit that moves in all things, always, and includes me. It’s quite beautiful, I must say, and I’ve started to draw the conclusion that this ‘Big Thing’ is the true antidote to loneliness, for how can we be lonely if we are aware of our connection to all that is?

Having amassed an abundant batch of evidence for this Thing, my conclusion is that I’m constantly in relationship with It, that it’s behind every partner, child, coworker, and milk man. (Do they still exist, btw?) And, though it can feel like a lonely path to listen to my intuition when it contradicts my attachments, it seems there is great possibility in this, because then I can love unconditionally. What could be more freeing?

Since childhood I feared that if I chose the Big Thing I wouldn’t have a happy relationship. Well, I don’t think that’s true, anymore. In fact, I suspect the only way TO have a happy relationship is to marry That, first.


About NickAndrea19

My goal has always been and continues to be the liberation of minds, my own and what influence I may have on others, to perceive the extraordinary beauty all around us. To this end, I write, play music, and design websites. Don't hesitate to contact me for more information about any of these activities. :)
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