Science of Mind

by Nick Andrea

I think the paradox of Science of Mind is that to change the conditions of our lives we have to accept and change the way we see them. We don’t change the outside to change the outside, we change the inside to change the outside.

If we concern ourselves constantly with changing the outside we risk getting caught up in delusion. Maybe we have just lost our job so we think, “I claim that abundance is my birthright and see myself making $60,000 a year.” But, we’re not making $60,000/year. We’re making nothing. We are affirming something that is not, focusing on the condition rather than the cause.

The alternative is to accept the situation as it is and change the way we look at it, “I claim abundance as my birthright and see this moment as happening in divine right order.” We see the blessing in what’s happening, even if we don’t know what that is. Maybe don’t need to make $60,000/year right now as we think we do. Maybe our human brains don’t understand what will really bring us closer to the experience of abundance.

But maybe having no steady income this moment IS abundance. Maybe it will allow us to break important attachments to unhealthy jobs, living situations, or whatever necessary for our spiritual growth.

What I know is this: there is an intelligence in this moment. It is very meaningful and divine and if we’re constantly trying to change it we may miss the gold right in front of us. It is like what Eckhart Tolle says in A New Earth, that if we are grateful for what is life will give us more things to be grateful for.

So, I claim that this day is in divine and perfect order. And so it is.


About NickAndrea19

My goal has always been and continues to be the liberation of minds, my own and what influence I may have on others, to perceive the extraordinary beauty all around us. To this end, I write, play music, and design websites. Don't hesitate to contact me for more information about any of these activities. :)
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