Who am I? Part II

by Nick Andrea

I have long speculated that humanity’s social, political, religious, economic, technological, scientific, and healthcare problems could not be solved without a corresponding spiritual shift. Now I am convinced that fundamental, systemic change only occurs where humanity recognizes its unity with each other and all of life.

In my last post, Who am I? Part I, I discussed the true Self as a clear, uncreated, vast freedom that exists within the core of our being. Now, I have discovered that all people, all creatures and, I believe, every thing in the universe, animate or inanimate, shares this same nature. In other words, as Alan Watts puts it, “‘You’ is the universe peering at itself from billions of points of view.”

So, I am Nick, and you are Lori, or Juan, or Ahmed, or Jackson, my dog. When I am look at you from the place of presence I see sameness, I see the same vast space. To see in this way is the source of world peace, for when I see it I know:

  • We are all on the same side. We have no true enemies,
  • While every creature has varying degrees of awareness, we share the same nature, and it is good. Therefore, there is no reason to judge another,
  • As unlimited beings within limited forms, we all share the same struggles. Therefore, I can have compassion for others.

Armed with this understanding, I can do my work, use my political vote, engage in relationships, and practice spirituality under this umbrella of universalism. I can use my potential for the good of ALL beings.

Read on to Who Am I? Part III to find out how awareness is helping me discover that potential.


About NickAndrea19

My goal has always been and continues to be the liberation of minds, my own and what influence I may have on others, to perceive the extraordinary beauty all around us. To this end, I write, play music, and design websites. Don't hesitate to contact me for more information about any of these activities. :)
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