There is always a risk

I recently decided I had found my calling in life. It began a few years back when I started having spontaneous experiences of being in sync with others in small but miraculous ways. For example, a friend and I would all of a sudden bust out singing the same song at the same time. Or, I would think of a person and then they’d call five minutes later. Or, I would have a dream about something happening to someone, and then it would come to pass. Or the time I was seeing 11:11 like it was my job; I recorded a period 2 years ago where I saw it at least once a day (often twice or up to 4 times, in places other than clocks) for 14 days straight, all unintentionally.

You might think of these as psychic phenomena and I guess you could call them that, but it’s more, I believe. It is me discovering that there’s something larger going on here, something beyond our reason or ability to control, yet something very benevolent.

I began to see the ways I am connected to others as if by some hidden thread, like the same spirit that moves in me moves in them, and acts upon our minds to unconsciously behave in sync. That was good news to me because it means I can never be alone, that no matter what I do I’m always connected to others. Isn’t that a nice feeling? Moreover, it means that when I grow as a person it benefits others and vice versa, which provides me with a transpersonal incentive to be my best. Lastly, perhaps mystically, it means that who I really am is larger than this physical body I inhabit. That satiated my, and I bet your, lifelong question about what happens after we die. (Been asking that since I was 5. How about you?) And while I can’t answer that question exactly, I’m not afraid of it, and it’s fear that drives most of our anxiety-based questions.

At the same time, I began having the odd and disconcerting experience of waking up some mornings or even in the middle of the night with a very real knowing that I, this body, this face, this voice – this persona – would die one day. While we all pay lip service to this truth, it’s one thing to know it as an idea and another to experience it. This happened many times over the course of four months.

These experiences couldn’t have come at a better time, however, because I saw that if I could die, then what I think of as myself really exist. “I” am empty, devoid of any permanent substance. I am just a shell, a vessel. That would have been a very unfortunate thought, were it not for the incredible synchronicities that had become more or less my daily reality. “I” became empty so that It – this thing, this benevolent spirit that runs through us all – could do Its work, through me.

Ok, so the fruit of all this has been a recognition of my calling, because how could you discover something so beautiful and not share it, right? My calling became to so whatever I can to awaken others to this reality, to use my experience to inspire others, to catalogue all the amazingness that life has shown me so you could see it, with the intended result being that you believe enough to open to the magic in your life.

What’s the practical result of such faith? People young and old breakthrough their humdrum, ordinary, materially-based lives and take the risk to follow their dreams. (You know, those things which to us are irrational, which don’t make any sense, but which we have a burning passion for nonetheless.) This faith has helped me overcome countless limiting beliefs in the past two years, things like:

– I can’t do what I love and make enough money doing it.

– Well I’m with this girl and she’s not ideal for me, but I guess I could marry her.

– Being successful in the world and being spiritual cannot happen in the same life.

– You have to be an asshole to be successful.

– You can’t be a moral man and be successful.

The list goes on.

So try this on: take a freakin’ risk. That’s critical. It always takes a risk. The only way to live a life beyond your wildest dreams is to take a risk, to have radical faith in life. I believe most of us are on this planet because we’ve been chumps before, because we’ve been avoiding our passion in other lifetimes. So we’re here to learn how to trust it. We’re here to break free of our materially-conditioned limitations, to realize that there’s something much larger than “you” and “I” running the show, something irrational yet benevolent; something that speaks to us within through a voice called intuition.

It’s your purpose to be full of bliss. That’s it. There is no other goal. And it’s my calling to try and show you that. Life is not suffering, as the Buddha would have us believe. Life is magic. But it’s not rational, at least not to our thinking mind. If you’re following your passion it will test and stretch you like a yogi. You can’t find It by thinking, but only by trusting. So take a risk. You have all the means to reach the goal inside you. You know everything you need to know already. Get out of your rut. You cannot fail, life will catch you. It wants you to be wildly in love with It and won’t take no for an answer. And it might even kick your ass until you are. It wants to give you everything, but It will punish you if you don’t allow that. Thank you.


About NickAndrea19

My goal has always been and continues to be the liberation of minds, my own and what influence I may have on others, to perceive the extraordinary beauty all around us. To this end, I write, play music, and design websites. Don't hesitate to contact me for more information about any of these activities. :)
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