The Origin of Success

Mistakes only exist in our thinking. No thinking, no mistakes. How does this work?

The absolute truth about life is that it is what it is. Imagine you’ve just bought a very expensive piece of software, then you never use it. Big mistake, right? It is, to the judging mind which says, “You idiot. There, you’ve gone and spent $2000 on that software and you’re not even using it. You’re wasting money.” Then it says, “We can’t trust you anymore,” and voile, you have an “issue.”

However, this only exists in the mind. It is not objective truth, for that is that you bought a $2000 piece of software and you never use it. That’s it. That’s what is. It doesn’t mean anything. So you married an asshole, so you’re failing high school, so you got locked up and almost lost your family ’cause you got caught selling drugs. It just is.

Are you seeing what I’m getting at? Mistakes don’t exist in actuality, we create them with our thinking. Now of course you think some of my mistakes are ludicrous. Of course if you got locked up for selling coke, you’re a fuck up. Right? No, you’re not. You just got locked up for selling coke, and that’s the truth. In fact, you can keep doing that your whole life as far as I’m concerned, because there are no mistakes except in the mind. But here’s the rub: everything we do plants a seed, and every seed grows. Cause and effect. So, if you want to keep your family, you might want to put up the coke and get a real job.

“This is all nice theory, chief, but it’s not doing anything for me,” you say. Good, I’m glad you said that. The thing is, it’s actually really important that you get that there are no mistakes, because we all spend so much time, wasting energy judging ourself for “mistakes,” rather than accepting the present moment for what it is and freeing up energy to find creative, novel, and productive ways to do something about it. “Hmmm, good point,” you say. “But how do I stop situations and myself as good and bad?” Great question.

Ok so “mistakes” are created by judging, and judging only exists in our thinking. No thinking, no judgment, and no mistakes. What happens when we’re not thinking, when we’re consciously not thinking? We embrace what is – our marriage, our failing grades, our drug problem – and open the door to creative solutions.

When thinking ceases, intuition speaks. It’s not like if we stop thinking we’re going to meet the Leviathan. Some of us might think we are because we’re so afraid of ourselves, but trust me, inner silence does not lead to pain. No, there is something much more beautiful inside. There is an eternal light shining, like a Guide that lights our way. It doesn’t necessarily follow any rhyme or reason, and it doesn’t live within you because of anything you do; it shines because you are. That’s it, and that’s why it’s critical, critical we learn not to judge ourselves; judgment is based on standards, but because this thing exists without any standards we can only hear it when we do too.

If you’re reading this post, you have the very God that runs this universe inside you. And, the good news is no matter what you do you can never put it out. Some call it the Voice, others say it’s the Guest, and some say it’s your bliss.

“Okay,” you say, “but how do I stop thinking and hear this ‘Guide?’ I’ve been thinking every second since I could talk.”

“Yeah, haven’t we all,” I reply. “Ok so, the first thing you must accept is that this benevolent guide is always speaking to us and there’s nothing you can do to deserve that guidance. It just is becaue you are..”
“Oooooookay. Sure.”

“But, you can’t hear it when your mind is chattering, analyzing, controlling. Your mind must give up. That is the only way to hear the intuition.”

“The mind must give up……….okay, how do I do that?”

“Sit down. Be silent. Know that God is within you. Start by taking some deep breaths, in through the nose and out through the mouth. This will cool your insides. Do this until it feels right to resume breathing in and out through your nose.

“Just be. Breathe for a while. Allow a pause between in-breath and out-breath. It will get longer as you relax more. This does wonders for the mind and will quickly allow your brain waves to reach a meditative state.

“If you have some question about something, put it in your belly. Something will bubble up eventually, oftentimes another question. This is fine, but eventually you will want to be able to just sit. That’s it. Just sit. Sit and forget.”


“Hmmm, wow, I feel a lot brighter now, like I have a lot more energy.”

“Mmhmm. That’s the static of your mind settled.”

“Great. So, what are you going to do with that $2000 piece of software you never use?”

“Hmmm, hey I can give it to my niece for her birthday next month. She’s so creative. She can definitely use it.”

What a great idea. So when we put down all our thinking, we open the door to creative energy. ‘But’s’ become ‘and’s’ as in, you bought $2000 software, ‘and’ you never use it. Thus, you can give it to your niece. “Mistakes” become opportunities.

Instead of spending time trying just to make up for all the “mistakes” you’ve made, you spend time generating opportunities from your choices. Your niece is thrilled about the gift, and she goes on to become a creative genius made, in part, by you! Suddenly, you have compassion for your asshole husband and offer to get him some life coaching sessions, suddenly you realize that school isn’t for you but embrace your musical ability and make a commitment to finishing high school so you can get into a conservatory, suddenly you realize how important your family is to you, believe in your artistic ability, and stop selling drugs. You decide to get some treatment with the goal of going back to school.

You can’t do any of these things if “mistakes” exist for you, because mistakes are meaningless, and meaninglessness is an energy zapper. Every situation is an opportunity. Sit down and listen. There, you will find the answers that you seek. Thank you,


About NickAndrea19

My goal has always been and continues to be the liberation of minds, my own and what influence I may have on others, to perceive the extraordinary beauty all around us. To this end, I write, play music, and design websites. Don't hesitate to contact me for more information about any of these activities. :)
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