The Impermanence of Impermanence

all things, Brahman, Buddhism, Buddhist, God, hatha yoga, Impermanence, meditating, meditation, Socrates, spirituality, tantra, tantra yoga, Tao, the Buddha, yogaThis topic has been in the back of my mind for the past ten years, since I first became interested in spirituality. Beginning with the Buddha talking about how impermanence is the nature of all things, I austerely concluded that I’d better not be attached to anything or I’d suffer when it went away. Needless to say, that became a pretty bleak core belief.

This has wreaked havoc subtly in many areas of my life – relationships, vocation, choosing a place to live, etc. It became just another excuse to be flaky, not to commit to anybody or anything. It even made me want to become a monk because, hey, as a monk you don’t have to worry about any of that stuff. Yeah, AND I knew deep down that THAT was an inauthentic existence for me. I have a relationship now, I want a family, building a vocation, making a nest.

So what changed? An awareness began to dawn in me of the voice within – call it true self, God, Brahman, the Tao, the One, the way, the flow – with a resulting shift in the way I understand impermanence; for there is one thing that never changes – the presence of God. I will just call it the One.

The One guides me, shows me the way. It’s always right, it’s purposes always benevolent. It’s larger than my thinking mind – it can see further than what I call “I” can. Socrates called it the Logos, which means “the Word.” He said, “Listen to the Logos. When I follow it, things always turn out right. When I don’t, they don’t.”

It speaks to me much more loudly, clearly, and regularly then I ever gave it credit for. Looking back through life, the One has always been with me. Strongly. I just never believed it. Well, now I do, hahaha.

So, how does this relate to impermanence? Things change – the world, people, your body. The shape, the form of everything, changes. This would be a cause for suffering if we resisted it. However, the truth of the One within me blossomed into a realization of the One within others around me.Through several experiences, synchronicities, and circumstances that I could not have created on my own, I saw this. These have included psychic dreams about my brother, thinking about Jesus at the same time as two others, on of whom is 560 miles away, having two independent intuitives tell me the same very unapparent cause for a health problem in two days, the list goes on. These experiences have become to commonplace that I no longer see them as extraordinary, but as paradigm.

I’ve been like, “Whoa,” so many times over the past two years that I’ve gradually come to sense that this One moves in all things, IS all things. By thus committing to IT, following IT, being attached to IT I am connected to other things and people through IT, those whose “impermanence” would have previously caused me suffering.

Yah. So, my conclusion is: be attached to the One. You will be not afraid of the apparent coming and going of things in life for in It you are one with all things. “Impermanence” will cause you no suffering. When you trust the One It reveals to you the truth of any given moment, and you are not afraid, you do not suffer. You follow the way, and in that is supreme bliss.all things, Brahman, Buddhism, Buddhist, God, hatha yoga, Impermanence, meditating, meditation, Socrates, spirituality, tantra, tantra yoga, Tao, the Buddha, yoga


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My goal has always been and continues to be the liberation of minds, my own and what influence I may have on others, to perceive the extraordinary beauty all around us. To this end, I write, play music, and design websites. Don't hesitate to contact me for more information about any of these activities. :)
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